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wednesday. october 17.

8 pm. pre positions 

Alte Bayerische Staatsbank. Foyer
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9 pm. pre view party with reflektor m

Music by Fromtheclouds & Tabea Elend
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friday. october 19.

4 pm. paper in the age of its technical reproducibility.

with Heiner Franzen, Kristian Jarmuschek and Dr. Nino Nanobashvili | Moderation: Christoph Sehl (In German language). Hosted by reflektor m.

Heiner Franzen, artist. He lives and works since 1989 in Berlin, studied at the HfK Bremen and the UdK Berlin. He was a visiting lecturer at the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig (2012-2013), at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee (2014-2016), and currently at the University of the Arts of Zurich.

Kristian Jarmuschek, managing director of paper positions. 2005 founder of PREVIEW BERLIN – The Emerging Art Fair, 2008 initiator of the “Halle am Wasser”, Berlin, 2012 Co-founder of the BERLIN ART WEEK, 2014 Founder of POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair, chairman of BVDG (Association of German galleries and art dealers).

Dr. Nino Nanobashvili is currently an academic trainee at the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen: she is currently part of the curatorial team for the exhibition „Florence and its painters: From Giotto to Leonardo Da Vinci“ at the Alte Pinakothek (opening on October 18, 2018)

Christoph Sehl is an independent author and writes regularly for Reflektor M. He lives between Munich and Tehran.

5 pm. jourfixe: heiner franzen. performance-lecture – in collaboration with akademie der bildenden künste, munich

The work of Heiner Franzen has no beginning and no end. His drawings rather follow Franzen’s own, open definition of the artwork. Within this definition, mechanisms of personal as well as collective memory play a crucial role. Franzen’s motifs float in a state of constant mutation. Flashing details from movies or Franzen’s cartoonesque figures emerge in new forms and materiality. Thus, Franzen examines the removal of boundaries of his materials by constantly updating them. Every image is the reflection of another.

Hosted by reflektor m.

7:30 pm. book presentation „mit wein staat machen – eine geschichte der bundesrepublik deutschland“

by Knut Bergmann

8:30 pm. reception for the Irmengard-Hof, Björn Schulz Foundation


saturday. october 20.

3 pm. art fairs – agora and marketplace:
a talk about art, prices and values

with Sasa Hanten-Schmidt (collector, lawyer, expert witness, writer, Cologne/Vienna) and Dr. Bärbel Kopplin (collection manager, curator, writer, Munich), Moderation: Sebastian Preuss (art journalist, Berlin)


sunday, october 21.

11.30 am. with or on paper? future prospects for a traditional genre

with Heinrich Carstens, Shirin Damerji and Stephanie Humbert. Moderation: Laura Sanchez Serrano. Hosted by reflektor m

Heinrich Carstens is Director of the fairs POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair and paper positions in Berlin, Basel and Munich.

Shirin Damerji is a narrator. Her multifaceted work, which she realizes in the various media of photography, drawing and video, is accompanied by events that occur in her (political and existential) everyday life, as well as her own origins.

Stephanie Humbert is a curator for contemporary art. She worked in the photographic collection of the Folkwang Museum in Essen, at the Oldenburger Kunstverein and realized free curatorial projects among others at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau in Amsterdam, the House of World Cultures in Berlin and the Kunstverein Dortmund. Since 2014, she has been in charge of the corporate art collection of Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen.

Laura Sanchez Serrano lives and works as an art historian, museum specialist and freelance curator in Munich. She studied Art History in Madrid and Brussels and Museum Studies in Paris and Neuchâtel. Sánchez Serrano is currently working on the solo exhibition of Ángel Barroso Crespo, which opens at MuniqueArt on November 15.