"For whom: for all those who want to discover the diversity of art on and made from paper." 

Programmzeitung, September 2023

paper positions basel presents international galleries with their outstanding positions from contemporary and modern art with a focus on drawing and the material of paper.

The medium of paper encourages experimentation and the realization of ideas while minimizing the risk of huge material costs. It creates a barrier-free approach, not only for artists, but also for those who want to buy their first or tenth work of art. For these reasons, paper is at the heart of our art fair concept, becoming the playground of artistic expression across all positions.
Visitors of our fair gain insight into the unique qualities of paper as a medium. The paper and the artists can show themselves from all their sides. Departing from traditional booth setups, paper positions adopts the ambiance of an art salon within the framework of an art fair, creating the atmosphere of a large, bright and airy themed group show. This format gives the opportunity to perceive, discover and rediscover the artistic positions in dialog and to exchange thoughts directly on what has been seen.

there will be no edition in basel in 2024.