The sustainable promotion of galleries and artists is one of the guiding principles of paper positions. For this reason, we present awards and young artists’ prizes together with renowned partners to honor outstanding achievements in the field of contemporary art.


The LEUE & NILL Award is presented annually since 2022 to the best presentation by a gallery at paper positions berlin. The prize is awarded for the special curatorial approach to the artistic content on display. The award-winning gallery will receive significant financial support for its participation in the fair from our partner and sponsor LEUE & NILL.

Winning gallery 2023
Malte Uekermann Kunsthandel, Berlin


paper positions award
Since 2019, paper positions berlin has been presenting the paper positions award, made possible by RKA Rechtsanw├Ąlte, and since 2023 by the Kaiserwetter agency. The award, which is given exclusively to female artists, recognizes an outstanding contemporary position on the subject of drawing and the medium of paper and includes a special presentation in the following year.

2023 Katharina Hinsberg (Galerie Werner Klein, Cologne)
2022 Maija Kurševa (Māksla XO, Riga)
2021 Nora Schattauer (Galerie Rupert Pfab, Dusseldorf)
2020 Iris Schomaker (Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin)
2019 Hell Gette (Golestani Gallery, D├╝sseldorf)


Paper Art Award
The Paper Art Award is sponsored and made possible by Canon, d’mage and Hahnem├╝hle. It is awarded annually at paper positions in Berlin and honors artists who deal with the material paper in an outstanding, stimulating and independent way. A selection of works by the award winners will be purchased for the collection of the paper art museum “Haus des Papiers” in Berlin, with a total purchase value of 36.000 Euro.

Ursula Sax (Semjon Contemporary, Berlin)
Gisoo Kim (Mianki.Gallery, Berlin)
Amparo Sard (Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt)
Brian Dettmer (Galerie Commeter, Hamburg)
Ken’ichiro Taniguchi (Mikiko Sato Gallery, Hamburg)

Afshan Daneshvar (O Gallery, Tehran)
Goekhan Erdogan (Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt am Main)
Aja von Loeper (Wichtendahl Galerie, Berlin)
Lisa Tiemann (Schwarz Contemporary, Berlin)

Fiene Scharp (Kuckei + Kuckei, Berlin)
Astrid Busch (Galerie Rupert Pfab, D├╝sseldorf)
Angela Glajcar (Galerie Nanna Preu├čners, Hamburg)